Software craftsmanship

Software Interface Designer Manifesto

  1. A program without interface is just machine code. Machines understand everything tailored to language rules. They don’t care about interfaces, but humans do. Interfaces are for humans.

  2. Interfaces are read many times more than are written. The weaker an interface is, the more diffcult it is to understand its intention. Respect other humans.

  3. Various tools, patterns and techniques may be utilised to create interface, but only human can blend it together with appropriate proportions. That is a good interface.

  4. Interface designer doesn’t start on 09:00 am and stops 05:00 pm. Creative work is not a machine with on/off button. When the conditions are good, good interface will appear in 2 hours. When conditions are bad, 2 days may be insufficient to create a good one. Don’t push on it.

  5. Creating interfaces, despite its science nature, is an art. Therefore may be described as beautiful or awful, good or bad, strong or weak or whatever adjective is suitable. Judging interfaces requires both, wisdom and experience.

  6. SOLID, TDD, DRY, CLEAN: they exist for a reason. Mantaining good interfaces is a pleasure. Otherwise there’s always WTF.